Through the moonlit sky I peer
Searching for his haunting face.
Softly I send out my song
My siren's song echoing
Upon the endless breeze.
My silken voice whispers
"Come to me, my love
And through all eternity
Join our lives together."

Sadly alas, he doesn't answer
My plea goes off unheard
Instead of love's tender touch
My soul flies through the endless clouds
I turn and enter within
My silent crystal cave
I know what should have been
Lies just out of my reach.

A few steps into the barren cave
I turn again and whisper
"Oh Myrddin, I need you so."
The sound of a singing harp
A brush upon my tear-struck cheek
A gentle touch to my lips
My heart awakens, opens wide
To let my love, my Myrddin, inside.

And then it was over, killed by distrust
Broken-hearted I returned to my cave
Sadly my Myrddin didn't believe in me
And cast my love away
As rivers of tears flowed from my eyes
My tender heart turned to bitter stone
Forever will I walk these paths
A shadow locked within my own crystal cave.