Animal Connection, Lesson 1

I do not propose that I am by any way a teacher.  I consider myself more of a sharer.  In this

case I am sharing information that I have gathered about our relationship with animals.  We not

only have to live with them, we need to survive with them.  There is only one way to do this. 

We need to educate ourselves about those creatures we exist with.  We need to learn how they

manage to survive in spite of human interference.  We need to learn the messages they send us

and that too many of us ignore.  Welcome to my world of animal communication.                  


"Ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you:  or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea inform you."


Several years ago I had to change the route that I used to drive to and from work due to road construction.  The route I selected took me up a hill past  a wooded area and then past some large yards.  A few days after I started the drive I began seeing a doe standing alongside the road.  She was always just standing there, watching.  Day after day, I saw her.  I thought it was so strange that she was always in the same spot just watching.  It finally dawned on me that maybe she had some role in my life.  Could she be my totem guide?  Once I started thinking about it, the surer I became and once I accepted it I quit seeing her.  I have seen many stags in the same area but I have never seen her a-again.                                                                                                             

So what does this have to do with you?  It shows just how blind to the obvious we can be and just how much we still have to learn. I am learning all the time and want to share what I've learned with you so that you too can find your totem animal. .                                                                                                             

Let's start at the very beginning.  Just what are Totems (also known as Spirit Guides or Power Animals).  They are valuable allies from the animal kingdom who help us face life's challenges.  They are symbols of specific kinds of energy we are manifesting and aligning with in our life. They counsel us and give us advice.  They teach us about the world around us both the natural and the spiritual.  They enhance our lives and expand our capabilities spiritually.  They protect us, guide us and provide us with encouragement and inspiration. Totems can show up in our meditations, our visions and dreams, our shamanic journeys, or even physically on earth.  They can be mammals, birds, reptiles, insects or even mythical beings.    

Questions:  How would you define Totem (Spirit Guide or Power Animal)?

                  Do you have a Spirit Guide?  If so, how did you find it and what does it mean 

                  to you?


"Millennia before Charles Darwin, people in shamanic cultures were convinced that humans and animals were related.  In their myths, for example, the animal characters were commonly portrayed as essentially human in physical form but individually distinguished by the particular personality characteristics possessed by the various types of animals as they exist in the wild today.....Then, according to various creation myths, the animals became physically differentiated with the forms in which they are found today."

           ~~~The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harmon~~~

If you do not know your Spirit Guide, how do you discover it?  There are several clues that could tune you in to which is/are yours.  For instance, has there been an animal or bird that has always fascinated you?  On your trips to the zoo, which animal do you head for first?  What animal do you see most when outside?  Which animal interests you the most?  Which animal frightens you the most?  Has an animal ever bitten you?  And what about your dreams, which one appears the most? 

Questions:  Can you think of why these questions would be pertinent to your quest for finding your Spirit Guide?  Share your thoughts especially on the animal that frightens you.  If you can identify an animal that is important to you, what does it feed upon and/or what feeds upon it? 

"If you talk to the Animals

       they will talk with you

       and you will know each other.

    If you do not talk to them

       you will not know them,

    And what you do not know

        you will fear.

    What one fears one destroys."

~~~Chief Dan George~~~




There are certain basics about Animal Spirits that you need to know and remember.  There is a powerful spirit in every animal which may be its own or it may belong to another being that uses this image to communicate with humans.  By studying an Animal Spirit's talents, you will learn the type of healing, magic and power that is within it and available for you to use to develop your own talents.  Each Animal Spirit has its own special talents.  Wild animals have stronger powers.  If your Animal Spirit is a domestic animal such as a dog, it probably is a link to the actual power based in a wild animal such as a wolf or coyote (which is related to dogs).  Using the domesticated version may be only the beginning or learning process leading to the ability to handle and work more efficiently with the higher power forms.  We do not choose our Animal Spirit.  They choose us.  It is up to us to develop a relationship with our Animal Spirit that shows respect and trust.  For this we need to be patient.  Honor your Animal Spirit by hanging pictures of them, by learning about them, by wearing their symbol, by donating time or money to wildlife foundations, and by dancing as you believe they would dance. 

You are not limited to just one Animal Spirit.  Some will remain with you forever, some just for a day.  Each will play a role in your life.  Others may have the same totem.  They will have commonalities with you but at the same time there will be differences.  Each will have some uniqueness. 

Question:  Give some examples of how you would honor your Animal Spirit.


                                                Meditation:  Get into your standard meditation position whether it sitting or lying down after being careful to insure that

                                                                    you will not be disturbed.  Close your eyes.  After grounding yourself, vision yourself heading towards a

                                                                    large passageway leading deep into Mother Earth.  This passageway will lead you into the lower world. 

                                                                    It may be a rabbit hole in the ground, a knothole in a tree, a cave, or the bottom of the ocean.   Once you

                                                                   reach your entrance, jump in and go down the tunnel towards the bright light at the opening at the end. 

                                                                   Step through into the lower world.  Usually a forest, it can however be a mountain or an ocean.  Whichever

                                                                   it is, walk around and explore.  Pay close attention to whatever you see.  You'll soon see various animals

                                                                   crossing your path.  Notice if any repeatedly cross it.  Especially notice if one crosses it four times.  This is

                                                                   your Spirit Guide.  Once this happens, talk to her and ask if she is willing to return with you.  If she agrees,

                                                                   physically put out your left hand, palm up.  She will come to you and shrink in size, small enough that she

                                                                   will be able to fit in your palm.  Physically close your hand and place it over your heart.  Open your hand

                                                                   and place your right hand over it.  Take three deep breaths and feel her energy merge with you, starting

                                                                   with your heart chakra and working its way outward.  Slowly make your way back to the tunnel, observing

                                                                   the lower world all the while.  Work your way back up the tunnel to where you began.  Slowly return

                                                                   to ordinary reality. 


                                                                   Describe how this experience worked for you.  Did you find your Spirit Guide?  You may not the first

                                                                   time.  Describe your feelings.

                                                                   Please send your answers to me:


                                                                   CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE FINISHED LESSON ONE!

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