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All Hallows Eve

All Souls



All Saints' Eve

Festival of the Dead

Third Festival of Harvest



Celebrated October 31

A Grand Sabbat

A Lunar Sabbat

It is both the beginning and the end of the Witches' year

A time of the Crone

The Wild Hunt collects the souls of the Dead

The veil between the worlds of life and death are thinnest.

It is a good time for scrying and divination

At this time we honor the Spirit world, our Ancestors' Spirits, our deceased, and our Spirit Guides.

It is a time of reflection upon our physical mortality and the Cycle of Life and Death.


by Robin Wester, 2004

Dancing 'round the flame of Summer's end-
sparks of golden yellow celebrate Samhain.
Twirling around tossing leaves in the air-
laughing and giggling while catching them in our hair.
The last harvest is in as turns the new year
while the chill of Yule draws ever so near.
The dead will join our festive feasts,
giving glimpses of our past, present and future feats.
Come young maidens, mothers and crones-
Let the whispers of spirits rattle your bones.
Embrace the silence of the coming dark
and join the Sabbat's circle with open mind and open heart


Samhain is known as the witch's new year, and is considered the time when the veil between our world and the spirit world is at its thinnest.
In the Norse pantheon, Samhain begins nine nights before October 31 and ends on the ninth night after October 31. The veils are consistently transparent during that time but reaches its peak at Samhain, October 31. Time of Samhain, a time between the worlds,
a time unlike any other...Here we ask the Ancients for their blessings, here we ask the Crone Goddess and Mother of all life for Her blessings.
Samhain is the time to work your magick relating to astral projection, past life recall, dark moon mysteries, scrying, inner work, and transformation.