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Build an Outdoor Shrine

To build an outdoor shrine, a lot of space is not needed.  However it should have enough room for you to be comfortable and be able to meditate.  It may be in a garden, on the back porch, near a hedge, in a window box or at the base of a tree.

The idea is to be creative and unique for you! Make it a truly Sacred Space!

Decoration ideas include:

statues of Deities,

statues of gnomes, faeries other nature spirits,

 statues of animals,

animal feeders,

wind chimes,

plaques of nature spirits or Green Man images,

 star, sun, or moon statues or plaques,

stone, marble, or concrete candle holders,

 offering bowls,

ceramic planters,

clay pitchers,



semiprecious stones,



flowers and greenery,




altar space,

comfortable place to sit or lie down,

heat-resistant bowl or censor