Yule Projects
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Yule Log

For those without a fireplace


small oak log

12 tapers

small pinecones


red ribbon

Take the small oak log and drill twelve holes in the surface to represent the twelve months of the year.  Make the holes large and deep enough to fit the candles in.  Place the tapers in the holes.  Decorate the log with the pinecones, evergreens, and ribbon.

When the Winter Solstice comes around, light the first taper and say "We give you life, O flame so bright.  Return to us your joyful light."  Have every family member write a wish and light it from the candle.  Chant "Wish flame and flicker, burn and glow.  Fly straight into the cosmos so That you are granted now to me.  As I will, so mote it be." Place the paper in a fireproof dish to burn out.  Let the candle burn down as far as possible without catching the log on fire.  Continue the process each day for the next eleven days, but on the last day, make only personal wishes for Mother Earth.