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Imbolc Rituals

Imbolg, Oimelc, Feast of Bride, Candlemas, Oimealag, Brigantir, Lupercus, Lupercilia, Feast Day of St. Brigid, La Fheile Brid, Laa'l Bresshey, Groundhog Day


Celebrated around February 1-2

A Grand Sabbat

A Lunar Sabbat

It is the first Sabbat of Spring and is dedicated to the Maiden

Traditional to light many candles to encourage the Sun to shine brighter and the Earth to warm.

Imbolc is a Sabbat that celebrates the midwinter and the return of the Sun.  As the days begin to get longer, it is tradition for every candle or lamp in the house to be lit for a little while welcoming the return of the Sun.  Reverence of the snow is also part of this celebration.

Imbolc is a celebration of Light. Light that is associated with purity, innocence and initiation.  The Goddess awakens and Her wonders in nature come back to life as the Magick of Spring begins to return.

"Imbolc, Bridgid, Candlemas,
the Wheel must turn anew.
We come together on this night
to keep the promise true.
As Mother Earth begins to stir,
we'll burn our candles long.
We know this magick that we do
will help the Sun grow strong.

Upon her head, a candle wreath
the Lady wears tonight.
To all of us this signifies
the Sun will soon burn bright.
The Mother Goddess now awaits
upon her bridal bed.
Her Lord, the Sun, will soon return
just when all hope was dead.

So as the Seeds of Life prepare,
new hopes begin tonight.
Since ancient times we celebrate
this Festival of Light."
 ~author unknown~
She is Queen of heaven and earth!
In fire was she born.
Her countenance so lovely it is joyfully painful to look upon her.
She is both gentle and fierce.
She is both peaceful and filled with war for those who harm her children.

She is love!
She is so very far beyond words.
It is a feeling like none other to stand in her presence!
Once you hear her voice sweep over you , you are changed, you are made anew.
You walk a very different path than you ever thought possible!
This is She who was before recorded time.
This is She who will be, long after religious system come and fall.
Whisper her name and the power of her love filled heart will sweep you up and
grant you that which you have long sought.
Be ware!
For all the love in her gaze there is also truthfulness.
Be prepared to know yourself!
Be ready to change!
Be ready to shift that which does not serve your Goddess well!
Be well ready when you whisper "Bridgit!"
But whisper do!
She is love and joy and peace and truth.
She awaits her daughter's calls.
She listens through the veil!
Take a step, speak her name, meet her gaze.
Feel the fiery arrow's golden glow fill your heart.
Feel the smile of love ease your fears.
Feel your Goddess bless you.
Bridgit save us in the night!
Bridgit strengthen us through the day!
Bridgit enlighten us to see your truth!
 ~Carolanne, 2006~